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create_new_individuals(design, problem[, pop_size])

Create new individuals to the population.

desdeo_emo.population.CreateIndividuals.create_new_individuals(design, problem, pop_size=None)[source]

Create new individuals to the population.

The individuals can be created randomly, by LHS design, or can be passed by the user.

Design does not apply in case of EvoNN and EvoDN2 problem, where neural networks are created as individuals.

  • design (str, optional) – Describe the method of creation of new individuals. “RandomDesign” creates individuals randomly. “LHSDesign” creates individuals using Latin hypercube sampling. “EvoNN” creates Artificial Neural Networks as individuals. “EvoDN2” creates Deep Neural Networks.

  • problem (baseProblem) – An object of the class Problem

  • pop_size (int, optional) – Number of individuals in the population. If none, some default population size based on number of objectives is chosen.


individuals – A list of individuals.

Return type: